Hello Beautiful Souls!

For the last two decades, I have dedicated my life to personal self-development and self-discovery. After being diagnosed with post-natal depression, and experiencing severe anxiety, I set out on a quest to find deep inner happiness and joy, eager to find answers to the many questions that I had about life, determined to reveal my true self! Along the way, I have become a qualified Life Coach, Mindfulness Facilitator, Add Heart Facilitator with the HeartMath Institute in 
California, Reiki Master, and Angel Card Reader. I have also studied with Tony Robbins, Marie Diamond (Feng Shui Master and Law of Attraction Coach), Byron Katie, Brandon Bays, and I have participated in many online courses in Meditation, Energy Medicine, Energy Clearing/Decluttering, Astrology and Human Design. As a result of my own personal journey, I have discovered a lot about what it takes to awaken to the unlimited soul potential that lies within each and every one of us. Through my coaching sessions. workshops, readings, healing and writing, I work with women in the areas of mindset, self-love, intuition, and manifestation using mindfulness/meditation, HeartMath techniques, gratitude, visualisation, energy clearing/healing, angel cards, vision boards and goal setting. propelling you forwards in the direction of your dreams, tapping into your heart and soul power and living a magnificent life! 

Having spent the last 20 years finding my own way to living a heart and soul led life, I am dedicated to assisting women who are interested in being true to themselves and living a life of passion and purpose! I can show you how you can connect with your heart, your soul, your values, your visions, your dreams and what inspires you in life, and I then guide you to manifesting and living a beautiful life. My book, The Dream ~ One Woman's Journey to Finding Her True Self, is available in my Online Store.

If you are ready to discover your true purpose and potential, I look forward to hearing from you! You can contact me at [email protected]
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