For the last ten years Marie has dedicated her life to personal self-development and self-discovery. After being diagnosed with post-natal depression, she set out on a quest to find deep inner happiness and joy, eager to find answers to the many questions that she had about life, determined to reveal her true self! As a result of her own personal journey, Marie has discovered a lot about what it takes to awaken to the unlimited potential that lies within each and every one of us. Through her mentoring sessions. workshops and writing, she shares practical tools and fun ways to propel you forwards in the direction of your dreams.

Marie believes that caring for our planet, for our communities and for our own family environments must start with caring for ourselves. Having spent the last decade finding her own way to living an inspired life, she is dedicated to assisting anyone who is interested in being true to themselves and living a life of passion and purpose! Marie can show you how you can connect with your visions, your dreams and what inspires you in life and she then guides you to manifesting and living that life of your dreams.

Marie is a very bubbly, warm and deeply loving character and she lives with an amazing zest for life and a continued enthusiasm for her own self-development. She inspires people with her unique uplifting personality and she is known as the ‘lovely smiley girl’ among family and friends. When she is not delivering her inspirational message to the world, she can be found at home with her husband and two children having fun and planning exciting new adventures! Her love for writing has inspired her to compile her first book of Inspirational Quotes which will be available very soon!

If you would like to find out more about how Marie can assist you, please email her at [email protected]
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