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I spotted Marie's poster in a local shop of all places. I felt the urge to contact her right away as I was dealing with a number of problems. Through both one to one mentorship and guidence tools Marie helped me through the toughest period of my life. She let me tell my story and then talked to me about the steps I needed to take to get onto my life path and feel balanced again. She offered me guidance through her experiences and books to read with exercises to unravel what it is I wanted out of life. She is patient, kind and very caring and I would urge anyone who needs help in their life to seek out Marie. Marie you are an inspiration.

After years of carrying my baggage around and telling my story, I finally met Marie who helped me ditch my excess baggage. I am more focused on the positive things in life. Using the vision board and staying focused in the moment has helped me in many ways. I am so looking forward to the months ahead. From the first moment I met Marie I felt I had known her for years. Thank you Marie for showing me the light.
 Marie C

I first heard about Marie when she was on LMFM radio and even through the airways you could sense her energy and zest for life. I organised a meeting with Marie as I was going through a tough time. After our first meeting I immediately felt more positive and had a renewed want to get my life back on track. It was like chatting to a friend I had known for years, she made me feel at ease. I had heard of 'The Secret' before meeting Marie and seeing how positive and full of life she was made me want to learn more. Through her help I completed a vision board which helped me priortise my goals in life and have found this invaluable. Maries energy and bubbly personality is infectious. I can honestly say she changed my life and will be forever grateful for her help!

Marie Fay is an amazing soul.  I first met Marie two years ago and I can honestly say that she has remained a constant in my life.  What I like about Marie is that she Walks the Talk.  She practices what she preaches.  A year ago I went on one of her Vision Board Workshops, which I loved.  A morning spent outlining your goals in picture form.  They say you are 75% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down.  Well, what Marie teaches you is the same thing, only you are asked to visually put your goals on paper.  It is a fun day, and a magical day, plus you get to do some real work.  How good is that? So for anyone who wants to move forward, have some fun, and learn to go with the flow, check out this wonderful lady.  You won't be disappointed.
             Kate Johnston

My family and I met Marie last autumn during our holiday in Ireland, together with her lovely friend. What is so special about Marie is, that she always finds the right words in every situation. She sometimes helped me when I was afraid of very important exams during my Abitur (A-Levels), only with very fitting, sincere words. She is so full of joy and gives happiness to others as a gift!
Sarah Lemmen

My family and I had the pleasure of meeting Marie and her friend last autumn. Although we only spent a couple of hours together I would call them the most valuable I had for a long time. These two let the sun shine with their smiles, even when it poured down with rain outside!!! That experience will make us return. 
Steffi Lemmen

Many people talk about that elusive Secret but you know what that "Spark" is all about when you come into contact with Marie. Her soft, live wire energy and enthusiasm will ignite yours instantly!
Paul Sullivan, Mind Mastery for Life

I was lucky enough to first meet Marie back in 2006 and I was impressed by her sunny and smiley disposition. At the time, I was finding it difficult to make some big decisions and found my way to Marie. I came away with a feeling that whatever decision I made was going to be the right one for me. Marie reminded me that the path I was on was exactly the right one and the one I had chosen, whether or not I was truly aware of it. The awareness would come when I “trusted and let go”.

Marie continued to impress me on a personal and professional level and I attended a really enjoyable and interesting Vision Board Workshop in 2011. Listening to Marie’s frank and honest experiences were amazing, if not somewhat “unbelievable” if I did not know them to be totally true. The inspiring stories that she shared again demonstrated that we can turn our dreams into reality whatever those dreams may be – all we need to do is be open to the endless possibilities. 

I availed of the opportunity to spend time in Marie’s company when she opened her home to us in 2010. We spent mornings being inspired and coming to the understanding that we all have choices and, rather than grumble and complain, we should just “change the record”. Marie uses very real experiences to show “that we are what we think” and that we are spiritual beings having human experiences which are more than “by chance”. In the six years that I have known Marie I have seen her grow and glow more and more and I have learnt many lessons just watching her be totally at ease with herself and others.  Marie’s energy is palpable and her teaching is that “everything happens for a reason”. I am lucky to see a happy, trusting Marie on a regular basis and, in more recent times, look forward to the daily affirmations and wall photos she posts on facebook.
Noreen McKernan

I participated in Marie’s Vision Board Workshop about a year ago and found it really inspiring. Creating the Vision Board helped me focus on what I really want from life and I’ve started accomplishing things on my board from travel to a new career!

Marie literally shines bright with enthusiasm when working with people. I honestly couldn’t recommend working with her highly enough. She is the most positive, encouraging and patient person I know and always provides great suggestions to your problems. I wish her every success in her endeavours.
Shirli Muldoon

I first met Marie at a Law of Attraction Vision Board Workshop she was hosting in April 2011. I was so struck by what a beautiful person, both inside and out, she truly is. Her aura is so calming and inspiring and she radiates pure, genuine happiness and joy. Marie is in complete harmony and totally in love with life and getting to spend even an hour in her company really helps you learn how to step into the flow and realise your dreams. I look forward every morning to reading her inspirational quotes which are so enlightening and encouraging and help remind me of the pure unlimited potential that constantly surrounds us. Thank you Marie, your words spur me on to create a better version of myself and my life every day.
Sarah Worden

I attended a Vision Board Workshop with Marie in November 2011. I had been reading a lot about Vision Boards but Marie helped me focus on what I should put on my Board for 2012. Her real life experience of the success of her own Board was inspirational and motivational. Marie’s positive attitude is to be admired and I came away from the day full of my hopes and dreams for the future. Marie has introduced me to the Law of Attraction and I have learned that by just saying Yes To Life, many doors may open! I look forward to attracting all my Vision Board goals for 2012. I am grateful to Marie for her continued support over the past few months and would highly recommend her Workshop.

Marie is practical positivity in action. This is a fundamental tool everybody should have to help overcome life’s challenges. Marie teaches in a very natural and fun way. Her courses are inspiring!
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